The dynamic duo of DJ/producer Erol Alkan and musician Richard Norris, aka Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, have created a technicolour splash over the past few seasons with their limited edition re-edit mini-albums and bespoke remixes.

For the first time the fruits of their remix work are available on one handy compilation, ‘Re-Animations Vol 1’. The album brings together twelve choice cuts that highlight the myriad ideas of this musically open-minded and adventurous duo. There’s no one else out there doing what these Wizards do – ‘Re-Animations Vol. 1’ is of the most exciting and fresh sounding compilations of the year.

Rather than being a collection of straight up remixes, these ‘re-animations’ place the original tracks in a new context, bringing psychedelic, folk, dance and Balearic beats to the table, colouring the songs in a different light.