On ‘Guardian’, Sue McLaren’s sweetly sung vocals contrast with the bittersweet nature of her meditative lyrics. At its production core Paul, Aly and Fila fuse the track with a harmonic sound storm of pads, chords and synths. Cumulatively, the track’s pacific undertones and vocal enrichment amass to take clubbers & music lovers to places they may never wish to return from!

Mix-wise, leading the release’s charge is Paul van Dyk himself. The PvD Club Mix does precisely what it says on the tin, engaging that hallmark van Dyk B-line drive to propel ‘Guardian’ deep into the night… and to the heart of the floor. the Sunrise & Sunset mixes take it a step down from the club mix, the Pedro del Mar & RIB Chill Out take it further down, while Jordan Suckley powers it up again!

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