PowerDress’ debut single ‘Torture’, produced by Elrose, is an incredibly catchy slice of sun-drenched pop-dance, dripping with bright, feel-good synths and hard-grooving bass that perfectly compliment her powerful and gracefully controlled vocals. Taking flavours from ‘80s pop and ‘90s dance and fusing them into a slick contemporary package, it’s one of the most impressive debuts of the year and an enticing taste of her forthcoming album (due for release in 2015).

A hefty set of remixes place her firmly on the dancefloor with excellent results. Pirate Jams bring euphoric piano rave revivalism and crisp breaks, Linier serves up some sleek melodic  house with a wonderfully elasticated bassline and Mumbai Science go deep, heady and atmospheric on their spine-tingling re-rub.

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