Blue Amazon – Four Seasons

If you followed the Progressive / Epic House Scene from the mid-nineties you will have heard of the name Lee Softley & Blue Amazon. Blue Amazon broke on to the scene around ’94 / ’95 with their debut single Hyper Sleep and the follow up Four Seasons on the legendary Jackpot Records. Four Seasons – […]

Royal Hustle & Tara Louise – Forever

New kids on the block Royal Hustle team up with vocalist Tara Louise on this Progressive House banger. Bournemouth based DJ and production duo Royal Hustle (made up of Giles Livesey and Aza Khider) have been working away under the surface producing tracks and music for some time now, before strutting their way into streaming […]

Harry Diamond – MECHA

Harry Diamond drops his second captivating single of the year MECHA. MECHA takes Harry’s love for all things Progressive and Techno and moulds them into an enchanting Techno-meets-Trance track; with thumping and driving undercurrents, finished with uplifting and electrifying synths, the track takes you through an 80s-tinged journey into the future. Like most, Harry got […]

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