The Beloved

The Beloved

The Beloved

The Beloved

1985 The Beloved emerged via two John Peel sessions. 1986/7 four independent singles later compiled as an album – Where It Is.

1987 departure of Tim Havard (bass) and Guy Gausden (drums) leaves original founders Jon Marsh (voice, keys) and Steve Waddington (guitar). A trip to NYC then discovery of seminal club Shoom changes everything.

1988 sign to WEA as a poster-fodder pop group, but experience a seismic shift in direction. Their 1st club track ‘Acid Love’ on promo 12” within months. The 2nd ‘Your Love Takes Me Higher’ came out early ’89. The 3rd was ‘Sun Rising’ summer ’89, their first hit single.

1990 ‘Hello’ – Top 20 and TOTP. The album Happiness, a distillation of the fun, optimism, and energy of the 88/89 (acid) house scene released to great acclaim. A remix album Blissed Out was released in the autumn, with new song ‘It’s Alright Now’ as a single.

Steve left in 1991; Jon continued recording as The Beloved, with Helena Marsh as co-writer/co-producer. Their 1st release, early 1993 was ‘Sweet Harmony’ – a major hit record worldwide. Both single and the accompanying album  were their biggest selling releases.

A further album – X – with singles ‘Satellite’ and ‘Deliver Me’ arrived in 1996. A re-released The Sun Rising and a best-of Single File in 1997. Then silence.

Jon produced remixes as The Beloved, several releases under alias (on JBO & NRK), and a full time dj career until 2006.

Still silence. “I can’t split up with myself so I think of it as hibernation”.

New State Music have since released re-issues of Where It Is, Happiness with more incoming over the next few years.

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